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 1) Ostrich



Ostrich is one of the fastest birds on the planet. Despite it being quick, it’s not a lightweight animal. It weighs near 400 pounds. The meat of Ostrich tastes quite like beef, and the texture is the same as well. It is said that a serving of Ostrich meat can be used as an alternative to beef. A single ground serving of Ostrich consists of Vitamin B-12, selenium, niacin, Vitamin B-6, Phosphorus, and Zinc. Other than these, Ostrich meat is low in both cholesterol and fat. This is an excellent source of protein to stimulate growth in your muscles.



2) Buffalo



Buffalos are also known as Bisons. The meanings of these names are ‘Ox like Animal.' Both of these names have the same particular purpose. When talking about alternatives to chicken or beef, buffalo can be considered as the best choice. It is a protein-rich meat that is consumed and demanded by more than 60% of the population in most countries outside of the United States. It is not only rich in its nutrients but also in its juicy flavor. It is also a lower source of fat, unlike all the other meat choices that are consumed. Due to its nutrients, buffalo is an excellent alternative to beef to increase muscle growth in your physique.


3) Arctic Char





This exotic sea animal can be substituted for the meat of Salmon. Arctic Char is considered to be a healthier choice by many individuals who spend hours at the gym. Intense workouts by many results in muscle growth but your diet needs to consist of proteins and other nutrients to stimulate lean gains. Arctic Char’s meat is good for doing so because it maintains and stimulates protein metabolism in the body. The many growth hormone abilities in its flesh make it an ideal addition for bodybuilders to include in their diets. Other than that, the nutrients contained in this meat are carbohydrates, fat, proteins, sodium, potassium, and omega-3.


4) Alligator



Alligators, despite popular belief, alligator are not endangered creatures. Alligators are usually recognized for their teeth as they use their teeth for self-defense and other countless reasons. Their teeth, once worn down, start to be replaced. These particular species go through approximately 25000 teeth in one lifetime. As most are fearsome of this particular animal, most have included this animal’s meat in their diets. The nutritional value of Alligators is quite high. The particular’s meat is a lean meat. It can be used for muscle growth as it is low in both fat and cholesterol but quite rich in proteins. In a single serving, its meat consists of approximately 145 calories and only 3 percent fat. 


5) Rabbit



Rabbits are small mammals existing in all parts of the world. Many types of rabbits exist. An example is ‘Angoora’ rabbit. This kind of rabbit has red eyes and is rich in their fur. Certain types of rabbits grow a lot of fur on their skins, and later on, they have to be shaved to grow more fur. This fur is then sold or converted into any type of clothing like shawls etc. As adorable as rabbits are, they are just as enjoyable in a platter with sauce on the side. Rabbits can be used as an alternative to chicken. Rabbit meat contains a higher percentage of protein than the meats of chicken, lamb, beef and medium fat veal meat. This being rich in protein means that rabbit meat can be eaten for muscle building.


6) Venison




Venison is the name of the meat consumed of a deer. Hunting of deer is now a very popular tradition in most countries. Hunting of your own venison is usually done often because deer meat sold in the market is highly expensive, and most of the bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast refuse to purchase it.; however, many still do because of the benefits that come with eating it. Venison is said to have a similar taste to beef but a little more tender. Venison is also said to have a taste that not most can digest, but that is dependable on the taste of the consumer. Because of the nutrients in this particular meat, many health conscious people prefer to eat venison. It contains Vitamin B-6, Phosphorus, Zinc and is a low source of sodium.


7) Elk



Elk is also a part of the deer family and is known as the largest mammal on land as well. Elk’s meat is now eaten all over the world and is preferred over almost every meat like beef, chicken or lamb because elk meat has a distinctive flavor to its flesh. Concerning fat and calories, Elk contains the lowest number of fat and calories when compared to beef, etc. Any individual concentrating on fat burning can switch to elk’s meat instead of beef to increase muscle mass and lose weight.


8) Quail



Quail is a part of the pheasant family. Quail is not just a single type of a bird, but it is a set of medium sized birds that live in upland areas. Quail’s meat is low in both fat and sodium and can be used as an excellent source of protein while focusing on muscle growing; it consists of Vitamin B6, a good amount of iron and zinc, a lot of proteins and zinc, etc.



9) Goat



A goat is also an exotic animal with more than 200 types in the world. Goats have horns, and they are mostly found in rocky mountains and hilly areas. The meat of goat is preferred and demanded by individuals all over the world. This meat can be an alternative to both chicken and beef as it is lower in fat than both. Low-fat meat is usually preferred by bodybuilders who aim to burn fat and build muscle.


10) Swordfish



Swordfish is a predatory fish found in the ocean. Despite the illusion caused by its fearsome name, it’s meat can be a good source of protein when consumed. Its meat contains about 40 to 50% protein and the rest consist of mainly healthy fats, and carbohydrates. It is low in sodium and can be used in anabolic growth and muscle building.

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