7 Benefits Of Taking Creatine

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7 Benefits of Taking Creatine


The human body is a wonderful thing, capable of amazing feats but only if you take care of it and train it properly. This means proper diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. Creatine may not be able to help with the latter, but the first two can definitely be affected.

If you have been considering transforming your body through effective workouts or you are in the middle of your fitness regimen, you may want to consider adding creatine to your supplement schedule.


1. Muscle Building


There are multiple ways in which creatine aids in muscle building, both directly and indirectly. Let’s start with the direct benefit to muscle building as we will touch on the indirect processes within the other benefits.

Perhaps the most notable effect of creatine in muscle building is the volumizing effect. Creatine has a swelling effect on muscle tissue thanks to increased water content. This stretching process creates an anabolic environment ripe for building muscles via your regular workout routine.


2. Energy Production in Muscle Cells


Creatine is a naturally occurring substance that undergoes a couple of changes in the body. First, it converts to creatine phosphate, which in turn helps create adenosine triphosphate. ATP provides energy to the muscles for contraction. When you are performing a high-intensity exercise, such as sprinting or lifting weights, you will quickly deplete your body’s natural stores of ATP. This is where creatine supplements come into play.


3. Performance During High-Intensity Workout


All athletes regularly perform high-intensity workouts, whether its sprinting, swimming, aerobics or weight lifting. Creatine again comes to play by providing more energy to the muscles, thereby increasing their power during high-intensity sessions. Some suggest creatine can boost performance during high-intensity workouts by as much as 15%. It should be noted these gains are specific to short-term bursts of high intensity. The same increased performance would not be present during endurance type exercises.


4. Fight Fatigue


There is a point where the muscles have gone as far as they can go. This is referred to as fatigue. Recent studies showed creatine to be beneficial in fighting fatigue during workouts. Researchers had a small group of similar statured individuals (same weight range and athletic status) supplement with creatine or a placebo for six weeks. At the end of the period, they found the placebo group fell to 57% of force output during fatiguing exercises while the creatine group dropped to 67% of force output.


5.Recovery Time


We have already touched on how creatine increases energy within muscle cells, but would you be surprised to learn that along with giving you more power and stamina, this process also aids in recovery time? When you are working out, your body is using the naturally occurring ATP in your system, but when you supplement with creatine, you give the supplies a jump start.


In 2004, a group looked at the effects of creatine supplementation on seasoned endurance athletes. They wanted to monitor the markers for cell damage and so studied a small group, 18 who supplemented with creatine and 16 who did not. At the end of the five-day trial period, researchers discovered fewer markers in the athletes who supplemented with creatine.


6. Lower Blood Sugar


One bonus effect of creatine supplementation is the reduction of blood sugar. As creatine boosts your muscles energy levels, it also increases the body’s ability to use glucose (sugar). This is can be good news for those who struggle with blood sugar problems (too high) but it also means you should carefully monitor your reactions to creatine, and avoid it entirely if you suffer from low blood sugar already.


7. Nootropic


If there is exciting news at the forefront, it is the potential creatine has shown as a Nootropic supplement. Nootropics are often referred to as smart drugs, and they can be supplements, medications or any other substance that show improvement in memory and cognitive function.


Creatine is showing great promise in this arena. Take for example the placebo-controlled crossover study conducted on 45 vegan or vegetarians. Subjects were given creatine supplements or a placebo over a six- week period, at the end of which they were tested. Subjects who received creatine performed better on time constrained projects and exhibited much better short-term memory than the placebo group. (vegans were chosen as they struggle to get adequate creatine in their diet since it comes from meat sources,)


Could creatine supplementation prove beneficial in treating Alzheimer, Parkinson, and other maladies that affect memory or the brain? Time will tell, but the initial findings are promising.


Who Could Benefit From Creatine?


It is quite obvious that creatine is the perfect supplement for anyone considering building muscle mass. However, it should not be overlooked by a few others, including but not limited to:


  • Aging Population- as we age muscle loss is a given, creatine supplementation may help negate this effect.


  • Neuro-degenerative Disease- as already discussed, creatine is a neuroprotector and can boost short-term memory.


  • Vegan/ vegetarians- since natural sources of creatine are meat products.


Final Thoughts


Has your head been swimming with all the potential supplements on the market today? Perhaps you are concerned about adding too much muscle mass to your body or the random negative reports in the media? You will be happy to know that according to the European Food Safety Authority, creatine use, even long-term use of 3 g per day, show no ill effects and reports of kidney or liver damage have been scientifically refuted.


Of course, like any supplement, you should understand it well and always consult with your physician before starting a new regimen. This is particularly true if you have known medical issues such as liver, kidney or heart problems as well as diabetes sufferers. 


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