Did You Know These Nutritional Facts About Ostrich Meat?

Name of animal:  Ostrich



The Ostrich is native to the Savannah grasslands of South Africa. They can also be found on the continent of Australia. You can find this large flightless bird hanging out in grasslands, scrub, and, semi-desert, and Savannah, not to be confused with Savannah, GA.



Ostriches, the big birds of the Savannah, can grow to be a whopping 9 feet tall and weigh up to 320 lbs. According to the African Wildlife Foundation, their eyes are 2 inches in diameter, which is the largest of any animal roaming planet earth. Birds are creatures that have three to four toes; however, what makes the ostrich unique, according to the American Ostrich Association, is the fact that it is the only bird with two toes.


Eating habits:

When it’s time to chow down, ostrich, the largest bird walking on planet earth has an omnivorous appetite, which means It enjoys eating vegetation and meat. Ostriches prefer a platter that consists of roots, plants, and seeds. They also like to sink their beaks into lizards, frogs, snakes, and rodents. To help with digesting their food, they eat sand and pebbles!


Nutrition Facts:

4 ounces serving

123 Calories

0 carbohydrates

22.1 grams of protein

3.2 grams of fat

80.0 mg Cholesterol

High in essential amino acids 

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